Mati Putters project aspires to appraise the handcraft. The material chosen is very carefully researched within the best european steels. By concentrating only on the creation of the heads, Seliano Brambilla can raise the quality of the products to the highest level.

The player decides which model can fit better his or her game and then he or she can rely on a professional Club Maker for the final assembly work, taking care of the right personalizations. An art object like the Mati Putter deserves of being refined carefully and with attention.

Our Vision 

A Mati Putter is not “manufactured” but it is “obtained”. It is like a sculpture because it takes shape from a block of AISI 303 steel. More than two kilos of material are milled for reducing them to the final 350/370 grams. This process is really important because it guarantees a steady and a great touch quality which can be perceived by the players.

By concentrating only on the production of the clubhead and by doing the assembly work later, we succeeded in achieving the great perfection. The putter is the golf bag club in which everybody has to trust. It allows each player to finalize the game. It’s the most used club in the game of golf. The awareness of owning the best quality existing is the first step towards an excellent score.

We decided to spend in the research of quality and of precision. Playing with a MATI is not a way for being fashionable but for getting the best result possible.