SR Tour – Black Edition


SR Tour is the name of the newest model in the MATI family of putters.

SR Tour is  a blade-style with a slanted neck, a head-toe hang yet completely milled (including the neck) from a single 303 stainless steel block.

Similar to the successful experience of the SB Tour, the putter head is manufactured in a single piece, including the neck. The SR Tour is a putter for low handicap players designed with the goal to favour touch and feel as this is a distinctive feature of all the MATI putters.

The SB Tour is only available in right hand model,equipped with a P2 Aware tour white grip and matching cover.

Con l’acquisto di un putter avrete in omaggio un marca palla personalizzato. Contattaci al momento dell’acquisto per il tuo marca palla

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33, 33.5, 34, 34.5, 35


Standard, Controbilanciato