Viagra Condom Reaches the Market

It's a new addition for the bedroom that is sure to bring a grin to the faces of many couples. Durex is set to release a condom in the new year that may help men last longer during sex.

It features a dose of patented gel inside the tip, which rapidly permeates your skin to boost blood flow thereby giving guys a welcome lift.

Dr. Irwin Goldstein, a sexual medicine expert in San Diego and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, told CBS News in an email that erection-enhancing condoms are an "interesting" and "innovative" idea. But, he said, they "will have to be proven to be safe and effective when compared with oral PDE 5 inhibitors," a reference to Viagra and similar medications for erection dysfunction.

And, Goldstein said, it would be vital that you make sure that "the drug doesn't pass from your condom to the woman."

The technology has been licensed to the firm that possesses the condom brand Durex, and regulators in Europe are coming close to approval of the condoms there, reported.

Calls to the firm's U.S. headquarters went unanswered in time for this post. No word on when, or if, the condoms will be coming to the U.S.

Plain-old condoms could soon be in for some stiff competition - in the form of new erection-enhancing prophylactics some are calling "Viagra condoms."

The condoms contain the Wall Street Journal reported. Some guys have trouble maintaining an erection while using condoms, and that can cause condoms to slip off - increasing the danger not only of pregnancy that is unwanted but also of spreading or finding a sexually transmitted disease.

Along with helping men preserve their erections, the company behind the condoms says they make erections bigger, the Daily Mail reported.

The gel works by boosting blood flow KDFW TV reported. It's not dissimilar to some drug used to treat the heart condition angina. But are the condoms a great thought - Or merely a marketing gimmick?

The problem with condoms is that they don’t get used as frequently as they should. But an advanced new product by a British biotech company may change ’s minds: named CSD500 to guys, the condom helps guys keep their erection more.

It’s been dubbed the "Viagra condom," but that’s not totally precise. The new product is lined with a vasodilating gel, which increases blood circulation to the penis and helps keep erection. But unlike the pill, it’s not designed for men who've erectile dysfunction; rather, it’s meant for men that have trouble while using a condom keeping erections especially.

CSD500 was designed by Futura Medical and licensed to the Durex brand, which will be owned by consumer-products firm Reckitt Benckiser. The product is close to regulatory approval in the U.K. and may be on the marketplace within the year, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal. If the manufacturer seeks FDA approval to market the condom in the U.S., it will have to provide more clinical trial data.

The CSD500 is certainly an innovative idea, not least because it targets users that are male. Most improvements in birth control — like hormone patches or pills — are geared toward women. And many men would probably agree that the stalwart but lowly condom continues to be long overdue.

So how can Futura’s new invention work? The trick was getting the gel to stay put inside the condom, to ensure it wouldn't change the condom-wearer’s partner. In accordance with the Journal:

Discovering an active ingredient was clear-cut — it’s a generic compound for treating angina, a serious chest pain due to insufficient blood flow to one's heart. Yet, "immobilizing" the gel in the condom, so the wearer only touches during sexual intercourse, was the part that is clever.

The challenge is having a stable merchandise in a condom — " Futura Chief Executive James Barder said.

"Some products can degrade the latex rapidly," said Mr. Barder, noting that adding the vasodilator to the lubricant is complicated. "It has to be immobilized in the condom." Most of the patents protecting CSD500 are associated with this immobilization, Mr. Barder said.

Although CSD500 isn’t meant to compete with Viagra, despite its nickname, a test of on-line sales of the drug would indicate there’s no shortage of guys who use it recreationally, which bodes well for future sales of an erection-supporting condom.

But regulators are more interested in what the condom assures to do for rates of sexually transmitted infections (STI). A product that improves length and firmness will certainly encourage condom use, but the CSD500 also fights another common reason for STI transmission: condoms that slip off because of erectile difficulties.

Reckitt Benckiser plans to inquire the condom’s commercial practicality in Europe if it is approved, and expand to the U.S. marketplace.

The Zanifil gel is based on the chemical nitroglycerin, which has been used to treat heart failure and chest pain since the 19th century. The blood vessels widen by relaxing the muscles in the vessel walls, increasing blood flow.

The product, developed by British business Futura Medical in cooperation with Durex, has been tagged the ‘Viagra condom’ by those in the pharmaceuticals business.

Unlike Pfizer's Viagra, the erection-encouraging condom will be available to buy with no physician's prescription in the stores. A spokesman from Reckitt Benckiser, which possesses Durex, has yet to declare its date of start or how much a packet will cost.

Nonetheless, Durex’s customer care adviser said it'd be available soon into the New Year – a statement affirmed by Futura Medical.

The condom, now just referred to as CSD500, was granted a CE mark in August this year, which means it can be sold in the same manner as traditional condoms across Europe.

It followed a double blind clinical trial, which asked 108 healthy couples to try the CSD500 alongside a normal condom. A considerable proportion of the male examiners reported advancements both inside their size, while many of their partners reported a longer-lasting sexual encounter. There were no reported safety issues.

The condom is not unlikely to be provider Reckitt Benckiser, which possesses Durex and big business for both Futura. Sales of Viagra have rocketed to £1.2billion since it was started as a drug for erectile dysfunction in 1998.

A spokesman for Futura said: ‘We ’re quite excited for the possibility of this merchandise. It's the most critical innovation in condoms in many years.’

They included that the merchandise would encourage guys help check the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and to use protection.

The last time Durex established a condom combined with a drug was the ‘Performa’, which included a light anaesthetic, which helped men jumping the gun’ too fast.

Viagra Condom makes a very convincing headline. But just what does this new apparatus do? And hasn’t anyone put the two together before now?

It’s called the Blue Diamond condom because it gets you, well, harder than a rock. But this includes a gel lube on the inside which comprises the drug Zanifil, which can be much like the sildenafil an erectile dysfunction medication, hence the name.

One doctor is concerned about what would happen if the drug was passed (maybe via a broken condom) to the woman. However, studies have found that women who take the oral kind of Viagra have an extremely similar reaction for their male counterparts: blood flow to the sexual organs is raised, resulting in arousal. Nonetheless, it had not been examined extensively and most researchers agree that it is not an appropriate answer to female sexual dysfunction. Go Ask Alice! has more advice for the interested.

Now, this condom is currently only obtainable in Belgium and the Netherlands, which implies nearly all the world won’t be seeing it in the close future.

Give us a shout out if you’ve bought and attempted one of these condoms before. We’d love to hear about (and publish) your experience!

Should you really must make your erection last longer and get more difficult right now, don't have any fear. There are other products out on the market which could still help you.

For example, we take what we call Finish Control condoms. These have benzocaine on the outside of the condom, and occasionally on the inside to keep the man wearing it from ejaculating too soon. These two gels behave as a numbing agent (they’re additionally present in things like pain patches) to keep you from feeling too much.

The principal issue with these can be twofold: additionally, it may reduce feeling while the numbness chases away any want to ejaculate promptly. The Blue Diamond condom and supposedly viagra fix this while keeping you hard by giving the full sense. The second problem, at least with many Climax Control condoms is that sometimes, the exterior is also coated in the numbing gel. This implies that your partner can also be numbed, reducing their sexual pleasure.

Durex solved this with the innovative idea of setting the numbing agent on only the interior of the condom with their Performax Extreme, certainly one of our most famous condoms.

CSD500 Zanifil Condom is branded as "Blue Diamond condom" and just isn't accessible all over the world. It's not accessible for sell at popular condom shops like CondomMania or Undercover Condoms. You can’t find it on Amazon either. Blue Diamond Condom is just available within Netherlands & Belgium at the moment.

The developer of CSD500 condom has recently announced Eroxon, external gel to help erectile dysfunction. Additionally it is reported that CSD500 has been licensed to leading condom brands and a few manufacturing companies, including Church & Dwight, whoever owns the brand Trojan. Trojan may start CSD500 condoms in the next 2 years.

Futura Medical PLC has signed a five-year licensing agreement with a Zagreb-based business which will see its CSD500 condoms distributed in seven territories in south east Europe.

The deal with Milsing is the firm’s second in seven days.

Last Monday (June 13) the AIM-listed group said it had linked up with TTK Protective Devices, part of the conglomerate TTK Group and the maker of Skore, India’s largest condom brand.

Investors were told by Chief executive James Barder: "we're delighted to sign this agreement that is exclusive with Milsing for the promotion of CSD 500 in Southeast Europe.

Futura said this Milsing tieup is in line with strategy of licensing CSD500 to regional distributors in order to construct a global distribution network. No financial details were given.

It indicates additional advancement to our strategy to license CSD500 with leading regional distributors in order to construct a worldwide supply network.

"Milsing is a dynamic business and is well placed to maximise the potential of CSD500."

Condoms – they are hated by most men.

Why? Aside from the obvious – less feeling – a lot of men find that, after a few drinks, they've been unable to perform at their optimum level that is ‘ ’ whilst wearing one.

What will happen if there was a condom that fundamentally guaranteed your performance?

That could soon be a reality.

A small UK based biotech, Futura Medical, have been working on the design of a new condom – the CSD 500 – nicknamed the ‘ Viagra condom’ by the media – and maybe it's accessible as early as next year.